The World is a Production.

For decades, Extreme Reach has helped advertisers manage assets, and the entertainment industry manage payroll. But it’s a lot more. Everyday, it unearths insight for customers, with a trove of industry data. With Athletics, Extreme Reach has become XR — not simply a platform, but a forward-thinking technology partner: a source of insight that transforms business by moving productions forward. Our rebrand is as futurist and potent as it is restrained. It is a story of bold, forward movement, for a new brand in action.

Our identity for XR foregrounds purposeful momentum, enlightened performance driven by insight. We channeled a diverse array of tones — modernist aesthetics inspired by fashion & skincare, film culture and research consultancies. Language itself also becomes a design object, with graphic repetition signaling vast momentum, and extended reach.

With XR, we had a unique opportunity: to craft a logomark and identity system around an “X”, a letterform that is as striking as it is versatile. Starting with a middle-weight stroke, we softened its radii and used this foundation to shape the accompanying “R”. Animations see these weights thin and thicken slightly, as if breathing — making the mark seem alive and intelligent. As a transitional asset, we also developed a lockup with a full “Extreme Reach” wordmark.

During this project I had the role of designer. I was part of the visual identity and presentations of works.

This project was featured in Abduzeedo, Brand New, Creative Boom, and Print Magazine.