The Nation

New digital experience for one of the oldest publications in America.

Since 1865, The Nation has been a beacon for progressive ideas, democratic politics, women’s rights, racial and economic justice and peace. Founded by abolitionists in 1865, The Nation has long believed that independent journalism has the capacity to bring about a more democratic and equitable world. The Nation engaged Athletics to help reinforce and amplify The Nation’s position at the forefront of progressive political and cultural discourse through a modernized site experience and dynamic storytelling.

The deep-rooted visual heritage of the publication was the main inspiration in how we brought The Nation’s voice to a contemporary delineation. The site uses The Nation’s signature red as the driving impression for both brand recall and interactions. The openness of the white printed page is retained in digital while red rules are used for information delineation. The site’s flexible architecture is designed to respond to breaking news, big announcements, and thematic suites of articles. The site is driven by content versatility. We worked with Tré Seals of Vocal Type to redraw an enduring imprint to their original 1865 masthead. Built with multiple scales to adapt across the complexities of both digital and print mediums.

During this project I had the role of designer. I was part of our site visual concepting, design sprints, presentations of works, and worked as the continuity between the design and development team.

This project was featured in Abduzeedo, Brand New, Communication Arts, Graphic Design USA, and Site Inspire.

The Nation Masthead in collaboration with Tré Seals of Vocal Type.