Visual identity and digital experience for a culture of better.

Reaktor builds custom software of the highest order, digital products powering some of the world’s biggest brands. They are the consultants behind many of today’s hottest companies, though they would never say so publicly. Helsinki-born, Reaktor brings a refreshing Nordic humility to their category-defining work. Now a global shop with offices in New York, Tokyo, and Lisbon, Reaktor needed a crystal-clear brand, one that would ring true to employees and distinguish them from a sea of tech consultancies vaguely “creating the future” and “transforming the world.”

Reaktorians are consummate professionals, but their magic is their creativity–the imagination, eccentricity, and ingenuity they bring to every project. We wanted to preserve this personality at all costs, so we designed their visual identity into two layers: one that projects cool-headed formality and professionalism, and another that gives prospective clients and hires a peek behind the consultancy curtains.

During this project I had the role of designer. I was part of both the visual identity and digital phase of our time with Reaktor.

This project was featured in Abduzeedo, Visual Journal, and Visuelle.